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Hitler’s Battletech Game Goes Awry

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Mission Two: Ostscout Repossession Caper

Even at a 1.5g acceleration burn, it still takes Bun-bun a few days to reach the nadir jumppoint below the star’s south pole. Nonetheless, the Union-class dropper is met by an old, weathered Scout-class jumpship, with a conspicuously empty dropship docking collar. Jack informs you that their original jumpship is nearby, but not fully charged. But the new jumper opens a channel, and hails the ship.

Jack listens intently for several minutes, smiles, and turns to his crew. “Weeeellll,” he says, drawing out the word as he rubs his hands together. “Looks like we have a new job.” Continue reading

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Mission One: Widow’s Landing

Travel from Galatea to the further reaches of the periphery is, like any space travel journey in the 30th Century, time consuming.

Your new employer gathers you up the next day, and travels by groundcar to the spaceport outside of town. Dropships emerge from the wavering mirages like mushrooms and eggs sitting in a lake, massive spacecraft able to slip the bonds of gravity. You recognize the ship he finally pulls up to as an old (somewhat decrepit) Union-class dropship. Able to carry up to 12 mechs in relative comfort, as well as a pair of aerospace fighters. Able to make 1.5Gs of constant acceleration, and up to 2.5Gs in combat situations, the Union is a standard combat warship seen in service throughout the Inner Sphere and beyond. The ship masses almost 3500 tons, and your employer lovingly informs you that the ship’s name is Bun-bun. Continue reading

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Targeting systems online

The Hellfire Aces blog is up and running. Targeting systems are online … now where’s the job again?

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