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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 31: Itching for Adventure

It has been a miserable winter in Obsidian Bay. Rain and/or snow has been falling a few times a week for the past two months, and the temperature has been hovering around freezing each night. Conditions in the refugee camp have been particularly bad, with the entire area mired in muck during the day, which freezes over with a thin crust each night, the inhabitants coming to be called “the mudsitters” by those more fortunate to have a solid roof over their heads.

Read the latest chapter of the Obsidian Frontier campaign.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 16: Recruitment Drive

Our heroes have returned to Obsidian Bay and report to their respective masters in the Griffins Guild about the happenings in the Dire Downs and the rapidly-expanding Verdant Waste. They earned praise for the death of the legendary Ol’Triple Threat, but the elders of the Griffins Guild — including the mage Robertson and the bladesong warrior Willow Wind — were particularly concerned when they learned that the strange eastern auroras of the last few weeks had been caused by a green dragon seizing control of the Viridescent Keep. **The Green Blight**, as the dragon styled itself, had driven out the keep’s Unseelie lord, **Prince Selanar**, and was now in control of the Emerald Way — a portal to the Feywild itself. The dragon has been using this portal the manipulate the surrounding countryside in a bid to expand its own power.

Meanwhile, the Robertson and Willow Wind explained that the guild was facing its own troubles in the form of the Purple Squid hobgoblins, who had managed to build a sizable fleet of ships and were using it to raid shipping in the Azure and disrupt trade with Obsidian Bay. The Griffins are planning a major expedition to deal with the hobgoblins once and for all, but acknowledged that the threat of the Green Blight could not be ignored. They asked that the heroes — Finn Underbow, Burgell Nackle, Tänévir Calywyn, Hawkwind, and Telthanas — investigate the threat and do their best to end the Green Blight.

To that end, the heroes are now assembling a force of adventurers and retainers eager to head out into the unknown in search of glory, gold … and a dragon. Read the full saga.


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Welcome to the New GriffCrier!

The Griffin’s Crier has been the home page the Blackrazor Guild since 1997. For most of that time, it served as the repository for information about our long-running World of Greyhawk campaign, a task that since been taken over by our Greyhawk wiki. With the wiki operational — and with more and more group members blogging — we decided to re-configure the GriffCrier to serve as a portal for our web content.

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