Father Cameron Dovenney

Father Cameron Dovenney (Robin Hood by way of Blues Brothers) never attended proper seminary school, but acquired his faith at his father’s side. A nomadic priest without a house of worship or congregation, the senior Dovenney led his wife and son throughout the most destitute parts of North and South America, providing “spiritual wealth and enlightenment” to the poor and uncivilized.

As a youth, Cameron continued his father’s work traveling between Allied fortifications during the final two years of the Great War (room for crossing paths with other PCs) putting himself at great personal risk and serving as both spiritual leader and -it was whispered- a uniquely capable combat medic, having received no formal training. In the wake of WWI Father Cameron never returned home. Recognized by the Holy See for exceptional service both spiritual and secular, he found himself mentored by prominent religious figures and groomed for more esoteric international missionary work.

Often without guidance and increasingly without any communication from his superiors, Father Cameron was deposited in situations that rapidly degenerated from spreading god’s word to aiding oppressed villages and settlements in largely underdeveloped countries. The more abandoned he felt, the greater his conviction grew that his choices were all for the greater good, or more poignantly for the good of the people he felt he was sent to protect. His spiritual repertoire grew to include violent protest and armed rebellion. His practices bent toward cultural preservation over forced westernization. But it wasn’t until rumor of his healing abilities arose again that the Pope’s attention turned his way.

Specifically, a coastal settlement in Belize had named a stillborn child ‘Dovenny’. Six months after Father Cameron’s departure, the child was reported alive and healthy. Cameron’s defrocking was shocking in its immediacy and in its arrangement by the Pope himself. But Cameron’s assignments continued to be delivered to him…and he proceeded to respond, finding all future missionary work, travel, supplies, all of it funded upon request. Faith and fury led him to believe that his work protecting the weak was divine intervention from a higher power (Delusional).