Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 31: Itching for Adventure

It has been a miserable winter in Obsidian Bay. Rain and/or snow has been falling a few times a week for the past two months, and the temperature has been hovering around freezing each night. Conditions in the refugee camp have been particularly bad, with the entire area mired in muck during the day, which freezes over with a thin crust each night, the inhabitants coming to be called "the mudsitters" by those more fortunate to have a solid roof over their heads. Read the latest chapter of the Obsidian Frontier campaign. Image Credit  

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 30: The Long, Angry Winter

The Long, Angry Winter is a politics-heavy chapter involving the founding of Obsidian Bay as a city-state, with a formal government. In some ways it's the culmination of the first two years of the campaign, which has chronicled the city's growth from a fortified village to a true city.  Read the full saga. Image Credit  

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 20: The Hoard of the Green Blight

Chapter 20 of the Obsidian Frontier campaign is now online.  The dragon known as the Green Blight is dead, killed by the Griffins Guild and their allies. The foul magic that allowed the Verdant Waste to run riot and enabled the dragon to rule the Viridescent Keep are dissipating. Prince Selanor, minor noble of the Unseelie Court, has reclaimed his worldly seat in the Keep and with it, his role as the defender of the Green Way, an arcane portal to the Feywild. Although he once pursued the Griffins through the outer and inner bands of the Verdant Waste as prey, he has recognized their bravery and skill in slay the dragon. He has summoned them to his keep where he might reward them with choice items from the Green Blight's hoard. Read the latest chapter of the Obsidian Frontier campaign. Image Credit

Obsidian Frontier, Episode 19: The Twilight Cincture

Chapter 19 of Obsidian Frontier is now online. Our heroes, racing ahead of a large thunderstorm, entered the hills at the eastern edge of the Drowned Plain. Desperate for shelter, they located a cave in the hills ... and its cyclops inhabitant. They defeated the giant (the creature all the while protesting that it hadn't bothered anyone) and threw its corpse down the hill. They spent several days in the cave while the storm raged outside, and then eventually emerged to continue their quest. They plunged into the Outer Band of the Verdant Waste and soon came upon a patrol of the Wing That Hunts -- kobolds serving the Green Blight. They killed most of the creatures -- including a half-green dragon hybrid -- but a few escaped deeper into the woods. They encountered a band of time-lost adventurers who had been unknowingly trapped in the Waste for a century; rather than join up with them the other adventurers shouted their disbelief and decided to head out of the Waste to see the world for themselves. There after the heroes heard hunting horns blowing and caught sight of a Great Stag that crossed their path. Ignoring the threat behind them, the heroes chased after the stag, finally catching it in a great autumn-like clearing. Once captured, the Great Stag gave them a series of boons, then fled off into the rain-drenched forest. Left behind, the heroes found the clearing began to fade away, reverting to the previous game path they were on. Worse, the sounds of the horns had drawn much, much closer... Read the latest chapter of the Obsidian Frontier campaign. Image Credit  

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