Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 15: Bean Counting

Ol’Triple Threat is dead at the hands of the Griffins Guild and their associates. The heroes then traveled into the Dire Downs, where they discovered that the land had been transformed. Magic radiating from the Green Way, a Feywild portal located deep in the Verdant Waste, was causing rampant flora growth. In addition strange creatures like phase spiders and dinosaurs were suddenly running rampant in the area.

The heroes successfully looted the wyvern’s lair and are now contemplating their next move. Read the saga.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 14: Seeking the Dire Downs

Our heroes are seeking their adventuring companion, Kor, aka “General” Kor. The former down-on-his-luck adventurer has found new purpose, a new religion, and even new competence thanks to a pair of magical items: a rusty gauntlet and a vicious battle axe. Both of these items are holy relics of Hextor … and Kor has used their power to attract dozens, if not hundreds of followers to them. Together they have taken the old headquarters of the Steel Skull Mercenary Company. This company, led by the now-fallen antipaladin Lord Randall, once offered its services to the various barons of the Pomarj, but secretly coveted their own kingdom.

To that end they forged the Ironbound Warriors, fierce automatons or golems (the stories are unclear on their exact nature) but never had the opportunity to use them. Lord Randall was lynched by the families of his many victims at his ancestral home of Bloodstone Tower, and the mercenary company feel on hard times soon after. Kor, however, has found the company’s secret vault and — if rumors are to be believed — taken control of the Ironbound Warriors within. Now he works to found the “Wyvern Empire”, a force that will drive back the humanoid invaders and establish law and order on the Pomarj once more.

While searching for the Steel Skull fortress, the heroes encountered a band of “Death’s Head” gnolls. These creatures were hunting them with the intention of capturing the adventurers and bringing them back to their hag masters. They might have succeeded had it not been for the timely intervention of a patrol of “Wyverns” — followers of Kor sent out into the Pomarj on a wide patrol. The Hextorites helped defeat the gnolls, a handful of whom escaped with their pack leader.

The enemy defeated, our heroes joined forces with the Wyverns, asking them questions about “General” Kor as they made their way toward the Steel Skull fortress. On their way, however, they were attacked by ol’Triple Threat, a huge and ancient wyvern. They were barely able to fend the creature off, but the fight cost them all but two of their Hextorite escorts. The survivors and the adventurers continued their trek north only to realize that the wyvern was following them. Realizing they needed to make a stand, they sought out an old open pit iron mine that the Hextorites were familiar with. They laid a trap in one of its large warehouse buildings. They rigged a firestorm to be triggered at their command, and then lure the great flying reptile into it using the party’s gnome as bait. The trap worked and the wyvern died in an inferno of oil and wood. Unfortunately the rest of the Hextorites died in the fight.

Talthanas, the party’s rogue-bard, was fascinated by the wyvern, and explained — even while they were being pursued by the creature — that he knew where the monster’s lair was. “Reading all those field reports finally paid off!”

Read the saga at the Griffin’s Crier Wiki.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 13: Return of the Triple Threat

Our heroes have narrowly defeated a warband of gnolls. The gnolls, dispatched by the Death’s Head Sisters, sought to capture the elusive adventurers. They would have succeeded if not for the intervention of a patrol of “General” Kor’s Wyverns operating out of the old Steel Skull Fortress.

The patrol consists of a dozen newly-trained soldiers operating under the command of Sgt. Feld Deathspeaker. Eight of these men were traditional foot soldiers, while four were dedicated archers. They have been patrolling the land around the Steel Skull looking for threats, recruits … and the heroes. Kor, when not possessed by the malevolent will of the ghost antipaladin Lord Randall, sincerely hopes that his friends while join him in forging the Wyvren Empire.

Unfortunately for Argnar and the heroes … the would-be empire was about to go face-to-face with its namesake.

Read the full saga at the Griffin’s Crier Wiki.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 12: Chasing the Wyvern’s Tale

Kor, recent adventuring companion of Finn, Burgell Nackle, and Tänévir Calywyn, has fallen under the influence of at least two magical relics — a rusty gauntlet and a vicious looking battle axe — and taken up the faith of Hextor. A month ago he left Obsidian Bay with a band of newly converted followers to seek out the Steel Skull Guild Hall. The Guild Hall was once home to a mercenary band that served the various barons of the Pomarj, but imploded when its leader, Lord Randal died.

He left a cryptic note for Burgell explaining his quest, and telling the bard that he intended to release the “Ironbound Warriors” from the Steel Skull’s vault. He would use these automatons as well as his new followers to re-found the Baronies and establish a new reign of law on the peninsula.

Concerned about Kor, his friends Finn Underbow, Tänévir Calywyn, Burgell Nackle, have headed out into the countryside to find the Steel Skull Guild Hall and save him from himself. They are joined by the half-elf adventurer-turned-scribe Telthanas, one of Burgell’s new adventuring companions in the Griffins Guild, and a sage who desperately wants to escape his backlog of paperwork.

Read the full saga at the Griffin’s Crier Wiki.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 11: Against the Broken Hills Giants

Saga notes for Chapter 11 of the Obsidian Frontier campaign have been posted.

Burgel Nackle, Tänévir Calywyn, Finn Underbow, and Roaryk are hunting the Stone Heads, a small band of hill giant from the Broken Hills. The giants attacked the city during the blizzard in late Readying 515, but were driven back by warriors in the Griffins Guild. Two of the seven giants were killed outright during the raid while two more were badly injured. The heroes took it upon themsleves to track the giants back to the hills … and end them. They headed out with allies from the dwarven expeditionary force from Ulek as well the proto-Rallymen.

The heroes weren’t the only ones tracking prey in those hills. A warband of gnolls, related to the ones they’d encountered earlier when retreating from the Caverns of Quasqueton. They’d barely escaped from the gnolls when the monsters were attacked by ol’Triple Threat, an ancient, scarred wyvren. A pitched battle followed that left the gnolls dead and the heroes’ team badly injured.

This adventure finds our heroes hot on the trail of the giants, and features a pitched battle with two of the wounded monsters (and the wise retreat from a third, uninjured giant). Read the saga.

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