Weird Pulp, Episode 9: The Terror in the Woods

Episode 9 of our Weird Pulp campaign is online, in which our heroes continue their investigation of the break in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and discover a darker secret behind the heist: the kidnapping of six teenagers.

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Weird Pulp, Episode 7: The Gala

“Episode 7: The Gala” of Weird Pulp is now online. In this episode the Wardens mourn the loss of their own, attend a gala in their honor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and get into an unexpected gunfight.

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Weird Pulp, Episode 6 now online

We’ve posted the adventure notes from Episode 6: The Summoning, in which our heroes take on malevolent fishmen who are stalking the New York City waterfront … and lose of their own.

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Weird Pulp Campaign Launches

After a successful playtest of Weird Pulp and Savage Worlds, we’ve decided to launch a short-to-mid-range Weird Pulp campaign.  The campaign is expected to run from early Spring 2014 through Summer 2014.

It will follow the adventures of a group known as the Wardens,  a loosely-knit secret society with offices in Bombay, Cairo, New York, London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is an organization comprised of men and women of action — troubleshooters, adventurers, and mystics — who have sworn an oath to protect the innocent from threats both mundane and magical.

Check out the campaign website for more information.


Weird Pulp Playtest

With our Numenera playtest concluded, the Blackrazor Guild has moved on to Savage Worlds.  We’re running a Weird Pulp campaign using Savage Worlds Deluxe, Horror Companion, and Weird War II and set in the late 1930s.

We’ve experimented with Savage Worlds before — we ran a Weird Pulp one shot a few years ago, and we’ve run a few convention games at MEPACon and our homegrown Nuke(m)Con – but this is our first sustained run of the game.

We’ve kicked things off with Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s free adventure, The Eye of Kilquatowhich is part of their pulp genre supplement. Unfortunately they haven’t released the much-anticipated Pulp Companion yet, but we should be able to make do with the core rules and a few supplementary sourcebooks.

You can learn more about the playtest by reading Nuketown’s “Game Day: Return to Weird Pulp” column.

Cover credit: The Spider image is from Spider #1.





Numenera Playtest

After the end of our Second Darkness campaign we decided to take a break from Pathfinder and playtest some different game systems. After polling the group, we decided on two games: Numenera and Savage Worlds.

We started with Numenera, which is Monte Cook’s far future science fantasy setting. It was funded by a Kickstarter in 2012 , which several of our players backed.

The playtest, which ran from October 2013 through December 2013, is chronicled on Nuketown: 


Second Darkness concludes

After 2+ years of bimonthly game play, our Second Darkness campaign has come to a close.  Our heroes saved the world, defeating the nefarious drow and returning to the surface world as heroes.

Our experiences with the Pathfinder adventure path are chronicled at Nuketown:

You can also learn more about the campaign by visiting the Second Darkness portion of the GriffWiki.


Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight

Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight
Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight

Yep, the Blackrazor Guild is still alive and kicking.

We’ve entered into the final stretch of our Second Darkness campaign, with our heroes having delved deep below the surface of Golarion to root out the drow in the Vault of Black Blood.

Check out a primer for the campaign or read the sagas in our campaign wiki.

You can keep up with the campaign by reading game master Ken Newquist’s “Game Day” columns.

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