Weird Pulp, Episode 16: Istanbul, Not Constantinople

After a long hiatus, the Weird Pulp campaign is back in action. Our heroes are in Istanbul as part of their mission to find and defeat the Teacher, one of the elders of the villainous group known as the Enlightenment. 

With the return of Weird Pulp, we’ve made a few updates to the website:

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Balanced Recursion: Episode Updates

There are two new episodes up for Tales of the Balanced Recursion, our occasional Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign set in the Knights of the Old Republic era. 

The adventures revolve around The Balanced Recursion, a trade ship owned by Binary Transports and tasked with assisting the Jedi as they attempt to deal with the unrelenting onslaught of the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. 

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 34: The Shambling Fog

A new consortium wishes to create a grand new library in the new city of Obsidian Bay. They hire our heroes, who’s first stop is the Tfinnan Estate, where they should find some clues to further artifacts. On their way they run into the Wyvern Empire who is attempting to capture a few of their namesakes.

Things take a turn when a familiar pack of gnolls catches up to the party, forcing the group to evade them only to come up against a band of mutated trolls. Read the full saga.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 33: Questing for the Tfinnan Library

A new consortium wishes to create a grand new library in the new city of Obsidian Bay; and they know just where to start. They hire a young Knight of the Book and a few Griffins Guild members who head out overland.  Read the full saga.

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