RPG Campaigns

Active Campaigns

Broken Land (D&D 5th Edition): A weekly lunchtime game run by Ken and taking place in Obsidian Bay in the year CY 515.

Heart of Darkness (D&D 5th Edition): A “legacy” campaign set 50 years after our original Blackrazor Guild campaign. It’s also our rapid advancement playtest of the 5e rules; we level after every session.

Obsidian Frontier (D&D 5th Edition): A sandbox campaign set in Obsidian Bay in the year CY 515. It takes place at roughly the same time as Broken Land. It is also a playtest campaign, in which we try out rules and option from the core rulebook.

Shadows of the Force (Star Wars: Saga Edition): Knights of the Old Republic era campaign that takes place during the Mandalorian Wars. The Holocron of Zend is its companion wiki.

Weird Pulp (Savage Worlds): A 1930s era pulp game powered by Savage Worlds and featuring the adventures of the Wardens, a secret organization dedicated to protecting the world from supernatural threats.

The Borderlands (D&D 5th Edition)The Borderlands campaign is set in CY 566 on the western frontier of the Yeomanry in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. It is based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons module B2: Keep on the Borderlands updated to use the 5th Edition rules. It is also our “D&D Kids” campaign. Three of our kids — two boys, one girl, all 10 years old — wanted to learn how to play D&D. *The Borderlands* is where we do that. The game’s played once a month and supplements our other D&D campaigns.

Inactive Campaigns

Blackrazor Guild (D&D 2nd Edition-D&D 3.5): Our longest running campaign began under D&D 2nd edition and ran through 3rd and 3.5. It has occasionally been resurrected for one shot adventures at our occasional Nuke(m)Cons using Pathfinder rules. The campaign was primarily set in our homegrown city of Obsidian Bay on the Pomarj peninsula in the World of Greyhawk but also ventured to the Free City of Greyhawk, the Great Kingdom, Keoland, and the Amedio Jungle. It also included an extended arc in the Grand Duchy of Geoff, where the senior members waged war against the Giants occupying the region. They ultimately defeated the cloud giants who masterminded the Geoff invasion and earned baronies in the western reached of the country for their efforts. 

Blade of Stars (D&D 3.5 edition): A campaign that chronicles the adventures of the proto-Blackrazors, the adventurers who spent the 570s hacking and slashing their way through the dungeons of the Flanaess alongside Brant Bladescream, the legendary Blackrazor Guild founder. The campaign was played once a year in honor of Gygax Day, and has featured epic crawls of White Plume Mountain, the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun.

Dark City Campaign (D&D 3.5 edition): A role-playing intensive, urban fantasy campaign set in Obsidian Bay. It takes place after the Blackrazor Guild campaign, and features a new cast of characters.

Completed Campaigns

Planetorn (D&D 4th Edition): Brought together from across a multitude of material planes, a band of adventures tried to uncover the mystery of the Chaos Storm. This was our 4th Edition playtest campaign, used to evaluate the rules and determine if they’d be adequate for our regular campaign. They were not; 4e was too much of a change from the rules we were familiar with.

Maure Castle (D&D 3.5 Edition): This campaign follows the Blackrazor Guild’s disastrous exploration of the dungeon death trap that lies beneath the ruins of Maure Castle and their efforts to found a guild hall in Seltaren in the Duchy of Urnst. The expedition was a failure, and the guild hall was abandoned.

Hellfire Aces (Battletech):  A short-lived play-by-post campaign about group of Battlemech-driving mercenaries. The campaign used the d20 Modern rules for online play and was augmented by real-world Battletech sessions. It’s notable for our use of Google Wave for the first episode’s play-by-post session.

Fading Suns (Fading Suns d20): An online and offline Fading Suns campaign using the d20 version of the rules.

Infinity Storm (Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition): A superhero campaign set in M&M’s Freedom City and augmented by an in-character companion blog called The Constant Sentinel.

Khelez-Mar (D&D 3.x Edition): Also known as the Dwarven Campaign, this campaign revolved around the dwarven fortress of Khelez-mar in the Drachensgrab Mountains of the Pomarj. The fortress was liberated by the Blackrazor Guild, and a number of its dwarven contingent — since retired from the guild — now reside here.

Ravenloft (D&D 3.x Edition): Based on the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft book, this campaign was nominally set in Greyhawk, near the Bone March region of the eastern Flanaess. We stopped playing the campaign when we grew

Pirates of the Vohoun (D&D 3rd Edition): Our successful playtest campaign for D&D 3rd Edition took place in the Vohoun Ocean region of the Flanaess, near Hepmonoland and the Amedio Jungle.

Prometheus (Spycraft): Ken’s first attempt at a play-by-post campaign. It ran from September through October of 2004.

Redshirts (D&D 3.x Edition): Based on the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil book, this campaign saw “redshirts” (expendable low-level followers) from the Blackrazor Guild on a quest to save the world from a terrible evil. The Maure Castle campaign is a loose sequel to this campaign, and features many of the same characters.

Second Darkness (Pathfinder): The Second Darkness campaign follows Paizo’s adventure path of the same name and converted to the Pathfinder RPG rules. It was the first non-Greyhawk fantasy campaign that our gaming group ever played.

Soul Stones (D&D 3.x Edition): A young group of adventurers in Greyhawk City is brought together by happenstance only to discover that they each possess a ‘good luck charm’ that is more than it appears. The adventurers then set off across the World of Greyhawk hunting for more Soul Stones and attempting to unravel the mystery of the Tribe of the Hundred.

Westmarks (D&D 3.x Edition): Set a few years after the Liberation of Geoff, where the Blackrazors are now Barron’s. To aid the new Duke, they send their retainers to tie up some lose ends. It all ends badly when the retainers go up against a blue dragon … and lose. Most of the party is killed; the survivors decide to go their separate ways.

Walkabout (Numenera): A short run Numenera playtest campaign for Ken’s lunchtime group, featuring the giant walking town of Walkabout.

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