Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 17: Death’s Breath

The Griffins Guild has dispatched three of its proteges — Tanevir, Telthanas, and Burgell — to deal with the threat of the Green Blight, a green dragon that has seized control of a portal to the Feywild at the heart of the Verdant Waste. Accompanying them on this quest are several new recruits:

  • Hawkwind, a Pomarjian native whose tribe was wiped out by humanoid invaders,
  • Fargrim Frostbeard, a dwarven cleric of MuammanDuathal
  • Shump Bloodoath and Hank Ironvow, both half-orc fighters hired on from the Nazarn’s Answer mercenary company.

With the swirling elemental storm they accidentally summoned still raging over the Dire Downs to the East of Obsidian Bay, they have chosen to travel through the tamer (or at least, less lightning blasted) hills to the south. Even here they can see signs of the Verdant Waste’s rampant expansion, as well as signs of flash flooding caused by the deluge to the north. They’ve dealt with their first significant threat — bugbears who successfully ambushed them in their camp — and are now pressing on toward the Waste.

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Web Resources

  • There is no Charge action, but there is a Charge-related feat.
  • Monster lore? House rule: Nature rolls for natural beasts, Religion for undead creatures and Arcana for magical creatures
  • Delay vs. Ready: There is no “Delay” rule in 5th Edition. Instead there is “Ready”, which lets you prepare a single action as a re-action, with someone else’s action as the trigger.
  • St. Handraleo

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