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D&D: In Search of the Unknown, Part 1

The Obsidian Frontier campaign gets under way with In Search of the Unknown, Part 1, in which a group of fledgling heroes takes on the Caverns of Quasqueton. Read the saga on the GriffWiki.

We’ve added a number of pages to the wiki to support the campaign:

  • Obsidian Bay, CY 515: An overview of the city as it existed two years after its founding
  • Obsidian Frontier Primer: Essential NPCs, locations, and other organizations for the campaign
  • Obsidian Frontier Saga: All of the adventures associated with the campaign.
  • Frontier Era Category: A new category collecting all of the wiki pages related to the Frontier era
  • The Pomarj: An overview of the peninsula where the campaign is based. Updated to include information about the historical ┬ábaronies associated with the region.