Numenera Playtest

After the end of our Second Darkness campaign we decided to take a break from Pathfinder and playtest some different game systems. After polling the group, we decided on two games: Numenera and Savage Worlds.

We started with Numenera, which is Monte Cook’s far future science fantasy setting. It was funded by a Kickstarter in 2012 , which several of our players backed.

The playtest, which ran from October 2013 through December 2013, is chronicled on Nuketown: 

Second Darkness concludes

After 2+ years of bimonthly game play, our Second Darkness campaign has come to a close.  Our heroes saved the world, defeating the nefarious drow and returning to the surface world as heroes.

Our experiences with the Pathfinder adventure path are chronicled at Nuketown:

You can also learn more about the campaign by visiting the Second Darkness portion of the GriffWiki.

Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight

Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight
Second Darkness: Descent into Midnight

Yep, the Blackrazor Guild is still alive and kicking.

We’ve entered into the final stretch of our Second Darkness campaign, with our heroes having delved deep below the surface of Golarion to root out the drow in the Vault of Black Blood.

Check out a primer for the campaign or read the sagas in our campaign wiki.

You can keep up with the campaign by reading game master Ken Newquist’s “Game Day” columns.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Force ends

Our Star Wars: Shadows of the Force campaign has ended. The campaign, chronicled at our Holocron of Zend wiki, ran for two and a half years. It saw a ragtag group of freighter pilots, techs, and muscle turn into the founders of Binary Transports Corporation, and the rise of a number of several padawans to the rank of Jedi Knight. Continue reading Star Wars: Shadows of the Force ends

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