Honqi Pang

Honqi Pang is the leader of the Hong Shou, a predominantly Chinese street gang in New York City with ties to the Enlightenment. They are known to  the English-speaking residents of NYC as the Red Hand Triad.

Honqi is known for his astute tactical and strategic sense; his criminal empire is built on diversification of both people and activities. Nearly a third of the members of his gang are non-Chinese, and he actively recruits the best of other outcast societies in New York City. This provides him with valuable inroads into other areas of the city that would typically be denied to him, and keeps the NYPD guessing as to his next move.

Rumor has it that Honqi was an orphan in Hong Kong before being found and raised by British nationals stationed there. Some contend that he attended Oxford; personal meetings with him only reinforce that speculation.

The Red Hand leader is known for his impeccable dress; he typically wears three-piece suits with red accessories — a crimson tie, a blood red handkerchief, etc. Regardless of his ensemble, there is one item he always wears — a gold ring with a black onyx gem at its center. Etched into the surface of the gem is a red flame. It is believed that this symbol is associated with the Enlightenment, and marks Honqi Pang as one of their own.

The Wardens have had several run-ins with Honqi Pang, and they have left Honqi with a growing sense of admiration for them as a group, and Rikard Greystone in particular. In late 1937, Honqi shared with Rikard that they were both students of “The Teacher”, an enigmatic elder of the Enlightenment.

Honqi told Rikard that both of them had lost their parents to the Teacher, who had been shaping their lives so that they might both be prepared for the trials and tribulations to come. Honqi, being in his early 30s, and thus several years older than Rikard, had completed that training and he advised Rikard that his own lessons would soon be complete.

The fact that Rikard has not given into the Teacher’s murderous teachings  and in fact has sworn an oath not to take a human life, has impressed Honqi. The idea that someone might oppose the Teacher, let alone win, had not occurred to him.  Rikard’s resistance inspired the Red Hand leader to reconsider some of the tenants of his own life, and this in turn led him to give the young Warden a warning that he should guard his loved ones against an impending attack.

The warning was in vain. The target of the attack, the Reverend Sir Arthur Boundless, still died, but Rikard now knows who is to blame.