The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment is a secret society dedicated to uncovering the forgotten history of the Lost Continent of Mu. The continent sunk beneath the waves of the Pacific during humanity’s prehistory; stories of Atlantis or Shangri-la are but echoes of its ancient glory.  It is rumored that the leaders of the lost continent were great and powerful sorcerers who had master all the great mysteries.

Space, time, and evolution were the least of their secrets; theirs was true mastery of reality. The Enlightenment seeks to understand those same secrets, and in doing so lift humanity to a wondrous future.  Although a secret organization, certain of its actions have recently come to light. The Antarctic mission of the H.M.S. Centurous was their doing, and one of their senior members — The Teacher — was behind the murder of the Reverend Sir Arthur Boundless, one of the leaders of the Wardens. The individual has apparently been engaging in the social engineering of young men and women in an attempt to shape them into the next generation of Enlightenment leaders.

As a result Boundless’s assassination, the Wardens have recently taken a heightened interest in the affairs of the Enlightenment and are moving to oppose them.

Other known senior agents of the Enlightenment are The Librarian, The Oracle, and The Warrior.


  • Featured Image: A hand-drawn map of the lost continent of Mu.  Source.