Rikard Greystone

  • Heroic-Circus-Kid Investigator/martial artist

Rikard Greystone grew up in a prestigious circus that travelled extensively in Europe and the mysterious Orient. As a result, Rikard had an early exposure to other cultures and today speaks a surprising number of languages with great fluency (Edge: Linguist). Rikard also developed prodigious skill as an acrobat and learned the secrets of Oriental combat.

Rikard grew up with a strong connection to his family and his extended family in the Circus (Hindrance: Loyal). As a kind hearted boy Rikard also found it nearly impossible to say no to people in need, often sharing food with the hungry and helping the people of whatever region he visited in any way he could (Hindrance: Heroic).

When Rikard grew older his family persuaded him that the circus life was too limited for someone so gifted. A wealthy benefactor of the Circus offered to sponsor Rikard’s education and at the tender age of 16 Rikard attended Yale University where his linguistic skills and exposure to other cultures led him to study world history, archaeology and religion.

Sadly, while Rikard was at University, a mysterious criminal organization in Budapest assaulted the Circus, killing many of its members, including Rikard’s family. Devastated, Rikard turned to the study of Criminology and vowed to bring these shadowy criminals to justice and to do so honorably, without resorting to their crudely violent methods (Vow: Never Take a Human Life).

After a short stint as a police detective in New York City, where Rikard honed his investigatory skills, Rikard left the police force behind and embarked on the life of a private investigator, tracking down leads to the shadowy criminals who slew his family.