Exploring the Obsidian Frontier

Our Obsidian Frontier sandbox campaign for D&D 5th Edition is proceeding nicely aided by the release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide in December 2014.

Chapters 1 and 2 has seen our heroes explore the Caverns of Quasqueton, home to the (allegedly) deceased adventurers Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown (as featured in the B1 In Search of the Unknown).

After being badly battered by the goblin and minotaur inhabitants of Quasqueton the heroes headed back to Obsidian Bay. During the journey home (Chapter 3) they were waylaid by gnolls, and only managed to escape them when their captors were attacked by the ancient wyvren known as ol’Triple Threat.

Unwilling to return to the Quasqueton, the heroes took on a commission from the elf lord Willow Wind, member of the Griffins Guild, to hunt the Red Fang orcs. The humanoids had taken up residence in Bloodstone Tower, a crumbling fortification a day’s ride north of the city.  In Chapter 4 they left for Bloodstone Tower. Upon arriving in the hills near it they encountered a band of Purple Squid hobgoblins hiding in cave, whom they defeated. They scouted the tower and found that there were over a dozen orcs stationed there.

Chapter 5 sees our heroes decided to return to Obsidian Bay for reinforcements. On the way there they are attacked by pirates-turned-bandits. They were able to subdue their attackers, and in the parlay that followed, convince them to join the heroes in their attack on Bloodstone Tower.

In Chapter 6 the reinforced band of adventurers returns to Bloodstone Tower and defeats the orcs there. That victory was short-lived though, as they soon learned that the white-barked tree the orcs had been worshipping as some sort of primitive god (and which our heroes had attempted to set on fire)  was in fact sentient … and angry. As the immense tree tore apart Bloodstone Tower around them the heroes fled. The retreated to the hobgoblin cave to rest for the night.

Chapter 7 finds our heroes awakening in th morning to discover a freak blizzard raging outside the mouth of the cave. When the storm subsided they struck out for Obsidian Bay, arriving to find the frontier town badly battered by the storm. All of its tents had collapsed, and many of its ramshackle wooden buildings had buckled under the weight of the wet spring snow.

During Interlude 1 — an online session — the heroes did what they could to help the victims of the blizzard and organized a relief message to the dwarven city of Gryax to secure supplies.

Chapter 8 chronicles their voyage to the city, including a battle with the aquatic goblinoid cousins of the Purple Squids and a fight with hungry harpies, as well as their negotiations once they arrived.




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