Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 8: The Voyage of the Scorpion

The notes for “The Voyage of the Scorpion”, Chapter 8 of the Obsidian Frontier campaign, are now online.

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Obsidian Bay. A massive blizzard has suffocated the unprepared frontier town in snow, killing dozens outright and threatening dozens more with death by exposure. Many of the city’s ramshackle buildings and patchwork tents have collapsed, leaving hundreds without homes.

Obsidian Bay’s heroes are banding together to find supplies, care for the wounded and homeless, and combat the threat of monstrous predators circling the town, but it is not enough. An influx of supplies — building materials, food, weapons — is needed or the town itself might falter.

To that end, prominent citizens in the fledgling city banded together to fund a voyage to Gryrax, the capital of the Principality of Ulek. Initiated by the gnome Burgell, the mission quickly gathered momentum as others in the city donated coin toward the expedition.

The Scorpion— a well-known cog and sometime privateer — has been secured to make the run to Gradsul. Its captain, Raris Armbruster, is promising a swift run down the coast, sea monsters and aquatic goblins be damned! Read the full saga.

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