A large medieval era library with wooden shelves and a large glass window at one end of a corridor.

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 32: Enter the Librarians

Itching for adventure but knowing that his regular adventuring companions were settling in for long nights of training and/or paperwork, Burgell sought out new heroes using his contacts in the Griffins Guild. He found them in the form of Rinnadar Tinugelydh, elven eldritch knight from Celene and Zaphrym, a gnomish wild sorcerer from Verbobonc.

Together they set out in search of bandits who had been ambushing adventurers along the Great Southern Road. After a minor setback in the form of a flock of cockatrices, they succeeded in defeating the bandits. They’ve returned home to report their success to the Griffins Guild. Read the full saga.

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