A fire giant hunts with two fire-breathing hell hounds

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 41: Back to the Bay

The long, exhausting journey to Blue and its environs is finally nearing its end. Our heroes succeeded in recovering the adventure journal of Hegil Tfinnan, Flan scholar and would-be adventurer. This journal — now haunted by Hegil’s ghost — details the final resting place of the Tomb of Telan, the legendary Flan hero who stood against an undead horde. The Ghostbane Scrolls of Ryda — which recount Telan’s heroics — are rumored to be held within the tomb.

The Blue expedition also saw Darogan Ferventfire secure the release of his mentor, Gremorly, from his indentured service to the wizard Xalbador Mathis.

The trip was not without its transformations. The gnome Burgell Nackle died on the journey but was reincarnated as a mountain dwarf thanks to the divine will of Norebo.

The heroes are now on their way back to Obsidian Bay. Read the saga.

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