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D&D: In Search of the Unknown, Part 1

The Obsidian Frontier campaign gets under way with In Search of the Unknown, Part 1, in which a group of fledgling heroes takes on the Caverns of Quasqueton. Read the saga on the GriffWiki.

We’ve added a number of pages to the wiki to support the campaign:

  • Obsidian Bay, CY 515: An overview of the city as it existed two years after its founding
  • Obsidian Frontier Primer: Essential NPCs, locations, and other organizations for the campaign
  • Obsidian Frontier Saga: All of the adventures associated with the campaign.
  • Frontier Era Category: A new category collecting all of the wiki pages related to the Frontier era
  • The Pomarj: An overview of the peninsula where the campaign is based. Updated to include information about the historical  baronies associated with the region.

Obsidian Frontier D&D campaign launches

We’ve launched a new Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign called Obsidian FrontierIt’s set in our old stomping grounds of the World of Greyhawk in our homegrown city of Obsidian Bay. Rather than follow the continuing chaotic adventures of the Blackrazor Guild however, the campaign goes back in time 75 years to the founding of the free city.

It’s an unexplored era for us; we’ve hinted at the events surrounding the Founding — the arrival of the Griffins Guild on the Pomarj to fight the tide of evil that had flooded it only a few years earlier; the discovery of the sprawling, seemingly endless subterranean complex of the Obsidian Maze; the “gold rush” as adventurers from around the Flanaess arrived eager to fight the Pomarj’s new goblin and orc rulers, and to  try their hand at exploring the megadungeon. The game runs on Sunday nights, and is meant to be a sandbox-style playtest of the new Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.

Obsidian Frontier is set in the Common Year 515, two years after the founding of Obsidian Bay, and three years after the independent human baronies of the Pomarj were overrun by orcs and goblins. The humanoids had in turn been driven out of their homes in the Lortmil Mountains by an alliance of elves and dwarves.

As its name implies, the campaign has a very Old West, frontier-style vibe that takes its inspiration from Deadwood and Hell on Wheels (though not nearly as dark).

The campaign is run by Ken Newquist, and he’s running a companion campaign of sorts as well — the Broken Land campaign is set in the same time period and the same locale, but features a different set of characters.