An orc war party prepares for combat.

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 36: The Death of Burgell Nackle

Our heroes defeated a large nest of gricks living in the ruins of the Tfinnan Estate, then ventured into a secret basement where they found the expedition notes that Hegil Tfinnan had been putting together to find the final resting place of his ancestor, the Flan hero Telan. They also encountered the doomed ghost of Hegil, who had returned to his secret library after meeting his end in the Drachesngrab Mountains. His only hope of eternal lies in the party finding his body and burying it in Telan’s tomb.

The party is now debating their next steps: the demihumans want to return to Obsidian Bay with the books, gear, and modest treasure they found, while the paladin Darogan wants to venture into Blue to secure a wagon to transport their finds … and possibly undertake a side mission of his own.

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