A subtropical pirate town on a water front.

Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 37: Another Day in Blue

After securing the expedition notes that Hegil Tfinnan had accumulated in order to seek out the Ghostbane Scrolls, our heroes headed toward Blue on Readying 17, CY 516. A chance encounter with an orc warband heading caused the death of the gnome Burgell (as well as the orcs). The heroes hastened on to the city, where a friendly gate guard pointed them toward Sirdan, a drunken priest of Norbo, god of chance. For a pile of gold and a few bottles of wine, Sirdan agreed to reincarnate Burgell, who returned to this world as a dwarf on Readying 18.

Sirdan also agreed to setup a meeting between Darogan and Frennie Two Knives, a fence/informant/know-it-all in the city who could tell him about the fate of the Knight of the Book’s master, Gremorly. It is now the evening of Readying 18. Darogan and a few of his allies are about to meet the rogue at the The Dead Bird Alehouse.

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