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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 38: The Crypt of the Queen in Silver, Part 1

Concerned about the fate of his mentor, Gremorly, Daragon and his companions set out to learn as much as they could about the Circle of Blue and the sage’s captor, Xalbadtor Mathis.

They learned that Gremorly was being held in a tower on Xalbadtor’s estate, and that it was well protected by abjuration magic. They also learned that Xal’s patience with scholarly Gremorly was reaching an end because the sage was unable to tell him anything profitable. They also learned that Xalbadtor, although a powerful wizard and the leader of the Circle of Blue, was living a life style that was breaking his budget. He needed an influx of money … and fast.

Darogan arranged a meeting with Xalbadtor at the The Crowned Caravel and learned that Xal would agree to ransom the scholar for 25,000 gp. Shocked by the price, Darogan nonetheless agreed. He was forearmed with several ways of raising those funds, thanks to reseach gleaned from **Hegil Tfinnan**. In his quest to find the lost Tomb of Telan, Hegil — now a ghost haunting his own adventuring journal — identified a number of other ruins, tombs, and crypts that could be hold impressive riches:

Given that the Scorpion Prince’s tomb held an ancient evil that shouldn’t be unleashed, and the Apature of Zalshox was ruled by a beholder outcast from the City of Eyes, the heroes wisely settled on investigating the Crypt of the Queen in Silver.

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