1937. It’s a dangerous time to be alive. The Great Depression strangles the world’s economic giants fueling the rise of militant, extremist states. War is brewing in Europe, with Germany poised to breakout of its treaty imposed shackles. In the Pacific, Japan’s imperial ambitions grow ever bolder.

And yet … these are the least of the threats facing the planet. Cultists seeking to summon dark gods. Criminal masterminds manipulating nations for their own gain. Mystics delving into secrets humanity was not meant to know. They are the stranger, weirder threats that most people are ignorant of.

They are opposed by The Wardens Against the Twilight of Humanity. The Wardens are a loosely-knit secret society with offices in Bombay, Cairo, New York, London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is an organization comprised of men and women of action — troubleshooters, adventurers, and mystics — who have sworn an oath to protect the innocent from threats both mundane and magical.

This is the setting of the Blackrazor Guild’s Weird Pulp campaign. It draws inspiration from a variety of sources, notably the Doc Savage and Mystery Men-style pulps of the 1930s and, the weird fiction of H.P Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. We also draw heavily from modern day interpretations of these works (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hellboy, The Rocketeer, The Mummy).


Our Weird Pulp campaign is powered by Savage Worlds. Here’s a list of the books we commonly use:

Core Rules

Supplemental Rules

Questions, suggestions, and heretical complaints about the campaign can be sent to scribe@griffcrier.com or submitted as a comment below.

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