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Honqi Pang

Honqi Pang is the leader of the Hong Shou, a predominantly Chinese street gang in New York City with ties to the Enlightenment. They are known to  the English-speaking residents of NYC as the Red Hand Triad.

Honqi is known for his astute tactical and strategic sense; his criminal empire is built on diversification of both people and activities. Nearly a third of the members of his gang are non-Chinese, and he actively recruits the best of other outcast societies in New York City. This provides him with valuable inroads into other areas of the city that would typically be denied to him, and keeps the NYPD guessing as to his next move. Continue reading Honqi Pang

Frederick Cartwright, Head Mechanic

Frederick Cartwright is responsible for the Wardens’ New York Headquarters fleet of cars and its two limos (one armored, one conventional). He’s quite possessive of the cars, and takes it personally when one comes back with the slightest ding or scratch.

Cartwright is an expert mechanic and fix almost any mechanical issue with an automobile, and will work for 24 hours straight restoring a vehicle to perfection. He’s also been known to improvise, adding small, temporary refinements (ejector seats, machine guns, caltrops) to vehicles.

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Randall Sinclair, Butler

  • Graduate of the esteemed Albright Academy in the Netherlands. Butler of Wardens HQ in New York City, NY.

Randall Sinclair is the intelligent, disciplined, and well-armed butler of the Wardens HQ in New York City. He was trained at the esteemed Albright Academy in the Netherlands in the early 1900s, and served as British Colonel Richard Wellington’s man servant during World War I. The Colonel himself was a field operative for the Wardens, and Sinclair accompanied him on many of his missions, some of which took them behind enemy lines. Continue reading Randall Sinclair, Butler

Sir Arthur Boundless

The Reverend Sir Arthur Boundless

  • Professor of Religion at Yale University (retired), WW I veteran, Anglican priest (retired),  Doctor of Theology (Oxford University),  Senior Warden

The Reverend Sir Arthur Boundless studied religion at Oxford before choosing to fight for king and country in the British Army. He ultimately rose to the rank of major until his military career was cut short thanks to a bullet in the leg. The wound never healed quite right. It was just as well; the wound gave him a reason to muster out of the military and continue his academic studies into comparative religions. He  eventually came to the States thanks to the offer of a professorship at Yale. Continue reading The Reverend Sir Arthur Boundless