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Black and white photo of a three-propeller plane resting on the ground.

The Rusty Duck

The Rusty Duck was a Ford Tri-Motor plane owned by  Ashton Byrne,  a down-on-his-luck Canadian pilot and veteran of World War I. Bryne flew in and around Asia Minor, often using Istanbul, Turkey as a base of operations.

The cargo plane met its end after Bryne was paid $10,000 by the Wardens to fly them to the environs of Snake Castle in southeastern Turkey. As The Rusty Duck appeared over the castle, a flight of demons attacked it, smashing the cockpit and wrecking its controls. Bryne and the Wardens escaped via parachutes, leaving the Duck to crash into the Turkish countryside.

A black and white photography of a sea plane

The Lady Luck

The seaplane Lady Luck is a mercenary airplane occasionally used by the Wardens. Based in New York Harbor, the Lady Luck is a Sikorsky S-42 Clipper seaplane. It’s piloted by Jason Baxtor, an occasionally down-on-his-luck pilot who’s always one job away bankruptcy. He won the plan during an unlikely (and unrepeatable) winning streak.

Converted for cargo hauling, plane has port and starboard mounted machine guns that fire from sliding doors that open in the sides of the plane (though the port-side gun frequently jams and Baxtor freely admits its more or less useless).

Despite her name, the Lady Luck doesn’t have the greatest maintenance and flight record. The ship shows a lot of wear, and every four hours of flight requires a successful Repair check or something bad happens (engine fails, flap sticks, etc.). Continue reading The Lady Luck