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Alistair Sebastian Cadwalader Martindrake III

  • Millionaire,  fencer, and dabbler in the occult.

Alistair Sebastian Codwalader Martindrake is a scion of both the Cadwalader and Martindrake families, some of the founders of what later became the states of Connecticut and New York. He was a student of Sir Arthur Boundless at Yale, and classmates with Archibald Buchanan and Rikard Greystone.

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August Farnstaff

  • Secretive wizard

Qapla. Dah tlhingan hol mu ghom a dalegh.  Qawhaqvam chenmohlu di wiqipe diya ohvad ponglu.  Ach jinmolvamvad Saghbe law tlhingan hol, dis, oh mevmohlu.  Ach dis jar wa mahcha dich wikia jinmoldaq vihta.  Hov lengvad chenmohlu tlhingan hol e ej dah oh ghojtah ghot law.  Qapbej holvam wicha meh, qawhaqvam chenmohlu .  Tahjaj wo, tahjaj hol Sov qawhaq tlhab oh ej ghitlhmey diqonmeh tlhingan hol wilo.  Ghitlhmey chenmohlah ej chohlah tlhingan hol jatlhlahbogh hoch ghotpu e.  Wej tin Sov qawhaqvam, ach ghurli e witul.  Dah ghitlhmey ngas.  Vay daghel danehchugh, vaj tachdaq maghom.

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    • Bullet-slinging mercenary

“Creepy Carcass” McGinnis is an Australian veteran of Gallipoli and other really bad places back in the Great War, he is now a Mercenary serving-for-hire in some of the worst hellholes around the world, from South American Juntas, to African colonial dictators, and Pacific Rim pocket imperialists. Along the way he’s picked up a few tricks, and a healthy perspective on the Human Condition (and a bunch of one-liners). Somewhere there might be a hero lurking in him, but for now he’d rather throw a punch than get in touch with his “feelings”.

Hividar Macid

  • Grease monkey with a monkey

Called “Sid” by most people who deign to talk to him (a play on the pronunciation of his last name), Hividar Macid is a small, slight, sickly looking man who looks younger than his approximately 30 years. And, as a Kurd from western Turkey, he is obviously a foreigner just about everywhere he goes. His family fled Turkey to avoid the reprisals following the Kurdish uprisings in the late 20’s/early 30’s, and he found himself in London.

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Rikard Greystone

  • Heroic-Circus-Kid Investigator/martial artist

Rikard Greystone grew up in a prestigious circus that travelled extensively in Europe and the mysterious Orient. As a result, Rikard had an early exposure to other cultures and today speaks a surprising number of languages with great fluency (Edge: Linguist). Rikard also developed prodigious skill as an acrobat and learned the secrets of Oriental combat.

Rikard grew up with a strong connection to his family and his extended family in the Circus (Hindrance: Loyal). As a kind hearted boy Rikard also found it nearly impossible to say no to people in need, often sharing food with the hungry and helping the people of whatever region he visited in any way he could (Hindrance: Heroic).

When Rikard grew older his family persuaded him that the circus life was too limited for someone so gifted. A wealthy benefactor of the Circus offered to sponsor Rikard’s education and at the tender age of 16 Rikard attended Yale University where his linguistic skills and exposure to other cultures led him to study world history, archaeology and religion.

Sadly, while Rikard was at University, a mysterious criminal organization in Budapest assaulted the Circus, killing many of its members, including Rikard’s family. Devastated, Rikard turned to the study of Criminology and vowed to bring these shadowy criminals to justice and to do so honorably, without resorting to their crudely violent methods (Vow: Never Take a Human Life).

After a short stint as a police detective in New York City, where Rikard honed his investigatory skills, Rikard left the police force behind and embarked on the life of a private investigator, tracking down leads to the shadowy criminals who slew his family.