Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 32: Enter the Librarians

Itching for adventure but knowing that his regular adventuring companions were settling in for long nights of training and/or paperwork, Burgell sought out new heroes using his contacts in the Griffins Guild. He found them in the form of Rinnadar Tinugelydh, elven eldritch knight from Celene and Zaphrym, a gnomish wild sorcerer from Verbobonc.

Together they set out in search of bandits who had been ambushing adventurers along the Great Southern Road. After a minor setback in the form of a flock of cockatrices, they succeeded in defeating the bandits. They’ve returned home to report their success to the Griffins Guild. Read the full saga.

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Balanced Recursion, Prologue: The Lost Padawan

Episode 12 of the Shadows of the Force campaign kicked off back in November 2015 with The Lost Padawan. The short prologue introduced the crew of the Balanced Recursion, a heavy freighter owned by Binary Transport and dedicated to covertly assisting Jedi during the Mandalorian Wars.

Read Episode 12, Prologue: The Lost Padawan.

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The Borderlands, Chapter 2: At the Caves of Chaos

Our heroes were part of a caravan traveling to Kendell Keep, a fortress in the lawless borderlands of the western Yeomanry. Only two miles from the keep they were attacked by goblins; after defeating those creatures they decided to track them to their lair. They have done so and now stand atop a ridge line overlooking the Caves of Chaos. Read the full saga.

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The Borderlands, Chapter 1: Clash at the Borderlands

We’ve kicked of a new campaign called The Borderlands, set in CY 566 on the western frontier of the Yeomanry in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. It is based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons module B2: Keep on the Borderlands updated to use the 5th Edition rules.

It is also our “D&D Kids” campaign. Three of our kids — two boys, one girl, all 10 years old — wanted to learn how to play D&D. *The Borderlands* is where we do that. The game’s played once a month and supplements our other D&D campaigns.

The first saga is now online and features our stalwart adventurers engaging in their first-ever D&D fight against a band of goblin raiders.  Read the full saga.

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  • Back cover art of Kendell Keep from the original B2 Keep on the Borderlands module.

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Obsidian Frontier, Chapter 31: Itching for Adventure

It has been a miserable winter in Obsidian Bay. Rain and/or snow has been falling a few times a week for the past two months, and the temperature has been hovering around freezing each night. Conditions in the refugee camp have been particularly bad, with the entire area mired in muck during the day, which freezes over with a thin crust each night, the inhabitants coming to be called “the mudsitters” by those more fortunate to have a solid roof over their heads.

Read the latest chapter of the Obsidian Frontier campaign.

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