Wavy sword.


Vipera is a double-edged “wavy” longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt and a snake-head pummel. The blade appears to slowly undulate when left on its own, the wavy edges slowly moving just out of sight. The origins of the of the blade are unknown, though legend says it was recovered by a European knight during the Second Crusade in 1145 A.D, and some believe it may been forged by an ancient cult of Aapep, an evil Egyptian god associated with snakes.  When held, the sword begins to glisten as though it has been dipped in a thin, viscous liquid.

The sword was most recently found by the Wardens in a New York tenement building, where it was wielded by “The Buck”, a deranged cultist believed himself the avatar of Ba-neb-djedet.

  • Viperadouble-edged “wavy” mystical longsword. Fighting: +1. Damage: Str+d8+1.
    Poison (Su): On a raise, the victim must resist being poisoned by making a Vigor check. On a failure, the victim suffers 1 wound and a level of Fatigue (-1 to all trait checks). On a success, the victim is unaffected.