Hividar Macid

  • Grease monkey with a monkey

Called “Sid” by most people who deign to talk to him (a play on the pronunciation of his last name), Hividar Macid is a small, slight, sickly looking man who looks younger than his approximately 30 years. And, as a Kurd from western Turkey, he is obviously a foreigner just about everywhere he goes. His family fled Turkey to avoid the reprisals following the Kurdish uprisings in the late 20’s/early 30’s, and he found himself in London.

His father was working for a wealthy family who came to London so their sons could be educated Eton, but as he was from much lower means, that was not the future for him. Besides, he was already an adult, even if his small stature and poor health often made folks mistake him for much younger. He worked odd jobs, and maintained ready employment once his aptitude for anything mechanical or electrical came to light. His talents got him noticed by some of the various crime factions in London, and to avoid any entanglements, he made his way to America. Now in New York, he works in a garage, and hires himself out for odd jobs as well.

Sid is small, skinny, and not very robust. His workshirts and dungarees always look too big, and his belts look cinched well past the intended lengths. He frequently has a tool belt on and tools around him, and is often covered in grease an oil, though he tries his best to keep clean. He carries a Jaff bag, a shoulder bag made from a woven Kurdish rug, filled with his supplies when he travels. He has a M1921 Bolo Mauser he carries in a shoulder holster, which he acquired as it was a smaller version of the standard Mauser, but which still looks too big in his small hands. He frequently uses a large Crescent wrench as a club if he must fight, but he usually tries to avoid direct combat.

Sid also has a companion, a white-headed capuchin monkey named Carl. It seems that ever since he was young, Sid has had a way with animals. While working in London, a client had an ornery monkey, who didn’t like anyone, but took to Sid the second they met. When paying him for his work, the client added Carl to the payment, as he liked Sid better than anyone ever. They’ve traveled together ever since. Carl has a small leather vest that holds some small wrenches and tools, and he frequently uses his tail to assist Sid while making repairs.