Frederick Cartwright, Head Mechanic

Frederick Cartwright is responsible for the Wardens’ New York Headquarters fleet of cars and its two limos (one armored, one conventional). He’s quite possessive of the cars, and takes it personally when one comes back with the slightest ding or scratch.

Cartwright is an expert mechanic and fix almost any mechanical issue with an automobile, and will work for 24 hours straight restoring a vehicle to perfection. He’s also been known to improvise, adding small, temporary refinements (ejector seats, machine guns, caltrops) to vehicles.

“You did what to the Packard?” — Frederick Cartwright.


Attributes: Agi d6, Sma d6, Spi 6, Str d6, Vig d6; Pace: 6″, Parry 5, Toughness 5, Chr 0

Skills: Fighting d6, Driving d8,  Intimidation d4, Notice d8, Repair d12, Shooting d6, Streetwise d6

Edges: Mr. Fix It, Gadgeteer

Hindrances: Vow (Wardens) (major), Quirk (Obsessed with cars) (minor), Loyal (minor)

Languages:  English

Gear: Swiss army knife

Weapon: Monkey wrench (Strength + d4)

Credit: Old Classic Car