The Wardens Against the Twilight of Humanity

The Wardens, formally known as the Wardens Against the Twilight of Humanity, are a loosely-knit secret society with offices in Bombay, Cairo, New York, London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is an organization comprised of men and women of action — troubleshooters, adventurers, and mystics — who have sworn an oath to protect the innocent from threats both mundane and magical.

It is a fellowship bound together by experience, tradition, and wealth, one that has battled against those who would undermine, dominate, or otherwise corrupt humanity for the better part of 300 years. Their fortunes rose with that of the British Empire, its agents spreading to the four corners of the world. Even as that Empire has struggled in recent years, the Wardens have remained a force for good, transcending partisan and national boundaries to become a truly international organization.

It is believed that there are several hundred Wardens operating world-wide. The organization masquerades as a high class gentleperson’s society (they long ago stopped discriminating against women), which is a surprisingly effective cover that nicely explains their need for  large membership buildings, motor pools, firearms collections, and extensive libraries.

New members are recruited by existing Wardens, who then oversee their initial training and accompany them on their first field mission. Upon successful completion of that mission, the new members become full-fledge members. Members are able to pull up on the resources of the Warden organization, which includes borrowing vehicles, weaponry, and scholarly materials.


  • Horta Quadrangle (New York City, NY, USA): The headquarters for the Wardens in New York.