The sleep form of the Unseen Hand -- a zeppelin -- hovers near a 1929 Packard car.

Episode 14: The Unseen Hand

Excerpt from the debriefing of Rikard Greystone, Warden of New York City, United States of America. Filed via telegram from Paris, France on February 26, 1937.

“Well, we started to interrogate two of our prisoners from the previous fight. And then some creepy demon-thing showed up sucked the soul out of one of them.”

“Then we found a seaplane so we could chase after the escaping Zeppelin. And so, dragging along our remaining prisoner in chains, we set out on a transatlantic chase aboard the Pan Am clipper-style seaplane called the Lady Luck.”

“McGuiness showed impressive reasoning skills in plotting an intercept course with the Zeppelin and soon we caught up to the airship, in the middle of an Atlantic Thunder Snow storm. Then McGuiness surprised everyone again by revealing that the Wardens’ head mechanic had given us a prototype Rocket Pack, just in case it came in handy.”

“I strapped on the strange device, started it up on the first try, and zoomed out of the seaplane toward the bottom of the Zeppelin, while the Clipper climbed even with the top of the dirigible. As Rickard gained the bottom stairway and quickly dispatched with two armed guards, the rest of the Wardens earned top marks in wing walking as they scrambled across the wing of the Clipper and dropped onto the top walkway of the zeppelin. As the last across, McGuiness shouted back to the pilot of the Lady Luck, ‘Watch our prisoner'”

“Inside the dirigible, the rest of the Wardens and I met at the main floor and prepared to assault the group of ninja who gang tackled Alistar and threw him out of the blimp last time. We burst through the door into their dining cabin and I unfortunately discovered that my new magical sword is only capable of stunning a single opponent.”

“In the ensuing battle, the Wardens made pretty quick work of the ninja, even though one of them stabbed me through-and-through, incapacitating me. And then the Wardens took on and defeated the Captain of the Zeppelin.”

“Sooo, long story short, Wardens own another zeppelin now.”


  • Feature photo credit: 1929 Packard and the Graf Zeppelin. Source.
  • Game Date: Sunday, October 26, 2014


  • Andrew Buchanan: 2 xp
  • Rikard Greystone: 2 xp
  • Alistair Sebastian Cadwalader Martindrake III: 2 xp
  • McGinnis: 2 xp
  • Richard Shen: 2 xp